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Arab dating websites uk

One obvious criticism is the sheer scale of the operation, meaning that fundamentalist Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar now effectively exercise a swathe of influence over the way in which Islam and Middle East Studies are taught in key Western universities.

The dilemma for the universities is a harbinger of crises to come.

ICEF Monitor reports: At its inception in 2005, there were just over 3,000 Saudi students in the US, a country that has been the primary destination for KASP-funded students in the years since and that saw its Saudi enrolment swell to just under 60,000 students in 2014/15 (for a nearly 2,000% increase over the last ten years).

The threat is not Islamic terrorism (although that is a real and growing threat, especially in Europe, but increasingly in the United States).Unsurprisingly, these campuses are far from free from external supervision. Eisenman of Northwestern University (which has a branch in Qatar), "The ethics of establishing a campus in an authoritarian country are murky, especially when it inhibits free expression, and counts among its allies several oppressive regimes or groups." Problematic as all this is, it is eclipsed by the impact on the study of the Islamic world in Western universities at home.Starting with the UK alone, Arab News reports: Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has been the largest source of donations from Islamic states and royal families to British universities, much of which is devoted to the study of Islam, the Middle East and Arabic literature.Those are genuine issues; Western leaders have so far failed adequately to respond to the threats they represent.The clear and present danger here eclipses all the others: it is to the values of the Enlightenment.

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