Are javier bardem and penelope cruz dating

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Bardem and Cruz began dating in 2007, tied the knot in 2010, and have two children together.

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And for others, like these 20 Celebrity Couples With Major Age Gaps, their May-December romances didn’t do anything to cool down their passion for one another.

as one of the most-beloved on-screen couples of all-time, dated off-screen for over two years.

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The Canadian duo were together from 2005 to 2007, split, and got back together in 2008 before calling it quits for good.

I remember for one film, Don’t Move, I wore an ugly wig and didn’t shave my legs.

from 1998 to 2006, but it wasn’t until years later that the two made things official in real life.

Following Kutcher’s divorce from Demi Moore, the actor started dating Kunis in 2012, and the pair, who married in 2015, now have two children together. After Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston ended, he and Jolie went public with their romance, and ended up marrying in 2014, after six children and nearly a decade together.

It’s lovely to watch.’She also introduced the ensemble to a game called Werewolves and Villagers, which involved a lot of fibbing.

‘The lying came in useful for the film, as a lot of people tell lies in Agatha Christie films,’ Cruz said, solemnly.

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