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The pair were given a red card on Day 3 of the series after clashes with older celebrities including Edwina Currie and Jean Broke-Smith.From December 2012, Horgan-Wallace became a regular guest on the Loaded TV chat show, Looser Women Live, a programme regularly hosted by her friend, the model and fellow reality TV star, Nicola Mc Lean.She entered the Big Brother House on Day 12, and became known for her clashes with fellow contestants Nikki Grahame and Grace Adams-Short, and for being voted into the "House Next Door" by the public — a secret house, where she was forced to choose who, out of five new contestants, would become new housemates.It was reported that Horgan-Wallace's popularity shocked the show's producers, with tabloid sources suggesting that they had attempted to "engineer" the series' finalists, and did not expect the swing in public support for her.Brooker and co-creator Annabel Jones have given interviews admitting this episode has a bit more hope and humour than others, something that worked for them in the last season’s award-winning “San Junipero” episode (which also depicted an ultimately happy love story experienced via weird new technology).

In October 2008 Aisleyne appeared in Channel 4 and E4's horror Dead Set, which was written by Charlie Brooker. She featured in two episodes - episode 1.01 and episode 1.05.In episode 1.05 she played a zombie version of herself.On 2 March 2009 Aisleyne underwent a make-under for the BBC Three programme Snog Marry Avoid? She was persuaded that a more natural look suited her.In May 2009 she was interviewed for the E4/CH4 programme - Big Brother: A Decade in the Headlines, written and presented by Grace Dent.In March 2010 she appeared as a guest diner on the Living TV programme, Celebrity Restaurant in Our Living Room.

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Each time you get a little bit more pliable, a little bit more broken, until eventually it coughs up the final offering and says that’s the one.”warned that the series is taking “aim at dating apps” and tackling “the hell of modern dating” and in another piece found it “explores the emotional and technological limits of dating apps” and “perfectly captures the modern desperation of trusting algorithms to find us love”.