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While there's no money allowed, many Bunz members ask for transit tokens or tall boys of beer, which have become sort of unofficial currencies for Bunz members.Some traders are ISO "420," a euphemism for marijuana.There is also inherent value in the access Bunz has to its tens of thousands of members, many of whom are millennials, an attractive and notoriously fickle demographic for marketers.However they do it, Jackson says, Bunz might be on to something.The original name, Bumz (think "bum a smoke") morphed into Bunz after some members objected to the negative connotations of the former, and the items being traded became more and more varied."Bunz who are into bums" read one recent post from a member looking to trade two sex toys.

But we need the money to continue the project." Ironic, considering money is banned on Bunz.Charging a processing fee for every transaction might be one way for Bunz to monetize, says Jackson.But that seems to go against the original idea of Bunz.Many of the trades are simply a way to get rid of old junk, but other posts are much more personal and heartfelt "ISO a real adult (30 )," read a recent post, "to listen to my problems and tell me its (sic) gonna be OK [because] my real parents are emotionally unavailable, and I'm broke and failing all my classes.Will trade — a painting." The comments on this post were, nearly to a person, encouraging and supportive. One even provided a link to a resource that offers free psychotherapy.

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There are now Bunz groups in Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, London, Ont., San Francisco and Los Angeles, although the largest is still in Toronto.

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