Method of documenting tracking and updating software licenses

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If you’re sending 20 employees to the same training workshop, why enter that information separately in each employee’s personnel record?

Use the Group Enrollment Tool to add the same training record to multiple records all at one time.

Manage vendor contracts and familiarize yourself with contracts, purchase orders, and expiration details.

Having this information in your asset management system makes it easy to know when to extend or renew a contract with your vendor or hardware/software provider.

Do they have certifications that make them more qualified to do their work compared with your business’ competitors?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need an organized way to keep track of training, licenses, and certifications for your employees.

You’ll need to keep the records in their personnel file, find a way to remember upcoming expiration dates of licenses and certifications, and pull a list of employees that need to have more training scheduled for them.

HR software will allow you to keep a comprehensive personnel record for each employee that includes basic contact information, wage rates, benefits, time-off accruals for vacation and sick time, performance reviews, disciplinary warnings, on-the-job accidents, and custom information defined by your company, as well as training records.

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You’ll be able to document: You can also print or email reports that show which employees have taken a particular class or a list of all the classes an employee has taken while they have worked for your company.

If you’re still using spreadsheets, desk calendars, or lots of Post-it notes to remember expiration dates, you’ve probably noticed that manual processes are time-consuming and prone to risks of forgetfulness and, consequently, lapsed licenses and certifications.

Software Licensing has been built specifically with Word Press theme and plugin developers in mind, but can be used for any kind of software licensing through the included API.

Included with the add-on are complete samples that illustrate how to implement license activation and checking in your theme or plugin, and how to setup automatic upgrades for your theme or plugin that are delivered through the licensing system.

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You can also run a Reminders report in our HR software that lists all upcoming reminders, including expiration dates of licenses and certifications, so you can take care of them once for a whole month or can take care of the list before leaving on a vacation or leave of absence.