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The Farmington Country Club hosted the Michigan PGA Championship in 1961 and the Michigan Open in 19.

After a member vote in 1982, the club was renamed to Farmington Hills Country Club.

We then compared and contrasted activities that interested at least 15% of our male or female respondents.

While there was a decent amount of overlap (everybody likes exercise, swimming and walking), a few activities stood out as unique for each sex.

With the country's largest college football stadium, it comes as no shock that you only have to check one place to find any Michigan student on Football Saturday--the Big House.But yes, you can find those benefits from other organizations and groups on campus.Just because you're not in Greek Life doesn't mean you don't have a number of options for spending your free time.Where the Women Are: -Doing arts and crafts -Dancing -Taking educational classes (languages, etc.) -Participating in book clubs -Going on shopping trips -Playing bing -Gardening and flower-arranging Where the Men Are: -Going on trips to sporting events -Playing billiards and ping pong -Golfing and fishing (write-in choices) For women, while you could join a book club or go on a shopping trip, you’re more likely to find men at the ballpark or in the game room, our survey suggests.For men, while you could go fishing or hit the links, you’re more likely to find women on the dance floor or in the crafts room. I direct and edit the blog for the best senior-housing and senior-living insight and advice, while also conducting search-engine optimization for the site as a whole.

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The beauty of such a large school is that there are hundreds of other student organizations that sponsor events.

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