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Mim mesle madar online dating

On ratio below 1 , you will be warned when you log in to the site to increase ratio. donation= 3 month VIP status (no limit on download),if Ratio stay high, VIP rank stays!This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.A film of near-universal appeal, it puts a human face on Iran's...See full summary » This movie is about a strict girls high school whose faculties are all female.

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maybe somebody have freetime to translate this tender song from the movie - Mim mesle madar. cause I want to count my stars in your eyes Pisham bemoon ke ta abad donya ro ba to doost daram Stay with me cause I love the world for ever with you Donya age khoob age bad , bato baram didaniye whether the world is good or bad , It's worth seeing only with you Baghe golaye atlasi ba to baram chidaniye The garden of petunia flowers is worth picking for me only with you Madar Mother it brings tear in my eyes.......

v=5E3FD9UE64Y thanks in advance Kahki mishod behet begam cheghad sedato doos daram I wish I could tell you how much I love your voice Cheghad mese bachegiyam lalayi hato doost daram How much I love your lullabies like my childhood sadegiyato doost daram , khastegiyato doost daram I love your simplicity , I love your tiredness Chador namazo zire lab khoda khodato doost daram I love your long veil and the way you pray to God Kashki roo taghcheye delet ayne o shamdoon mishodam I wish I could become a mirror and candlesticks on the shelf of your heart Too dashte abriye cheshat ye ghatre baroon mishodam (I wish I could become ) a rain drop in the cloudy plain of your eyes Kashki mishod ye dashte gol barat lalayi bekhooni I wish I could sing lullaby for you as much as a plain of flower Ye asemoon nargeso yas too baghe dastat beshoonam I wish I could put a sky of narcissus and jasmine in the garden of your hands Bekhab ke mikham too cheshat setare hamo beshmaram Sleep!

Mim Mesle Madar (Persian:میم مثل مادر) (or M as in mother; also M for Mother) is an Iranian film directed by Rasoul Mollaqolipour, starring Ali Shadman, Golshifteh Farahani and Hossein Yari.

The film is among the highest box office records in the history of Iranian cinema.

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