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One tree hill 6x20 online dating

At the party, Karen goes to visit Lucas and tells him about the college courses.Lucas encourages to take the course, but she still doesn't know whether to.Meanwhile, Peyton is getting showered ready for the party, when, unknown to her, Brooke takes a picture of her and puts it on the dating site.

Nathan goes to see Deb angry with her for how she has treated Haley, he asks how Dan reacted, but Deb says to tell him himself as it will probably give him another heart attack.

After school, Haley goes to see Deb again, after she was awful to her at the hospital chapel, Deb makes no change to her attitude, as Haley apologizes and invites her to the wedding party, Deb refuses and is still angry with at her for ruining her son's life as well as her own.

Brooke returns home to find Peyton's rating on the dating site has rose since she put the picture of her ass on the website, the two girls wonder about the letter and what it said. Catching up, Lucas confides in Skills telling him that he was looking forward to starting anew, but then the phone rang.

As the party starts, Haley and Nathan arrive to string spray as well as cheese spray that Mouth bought after they ran out of string spray.

Deb arrives at the party and sees Haley and Nathan laughing with Haley's parents like a proper family.

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Still worried about the reason he came back, Lucas asks how Dan is so Nathan tells him he is alive.

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