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Perv chatrooms

Childish after all, being just a chat room, yet special among the rest, here we capture some of its moments and memories. Annex is a hard not to notice guy (maybe a chick, we did not check).In case it dies, this is a proof that we were there, it held us in and you witness. Disturbingly, everything is kinky to him, and even a legless frog is hot and "lovable" he says. Don't you think we are being harsh on him, he loves that and admits it.Let's say that before she came to our room, Annex was alone in his quest, still more than enough for us.We thought she was a gift, she promised tame Anny the beast. Lonely no more, Annex and Lady are an army of two, planning to give anyone and everyone the most awkward moments of their lives. Low level, high level, prestige, deluxe and even bots! " A breath of fresh air in our chat room, having an obsession with FFA matches and leveling up in quite excitement for the next prestige.In the other, he is JB himself, saying Selena Gomez is his ex. If he did that to you, don't feel special, it's his thing. Devil Boy is a master of online fights and arguments, rarely does he lose temper and usually in control of his ideas and sentences.There are occasions in which Devil Boy demonstrates yin-yang, having Angel Boy spreading peace in the chat, warning spammers, encouraging to report and being extra friendly.She recently started giving lessons in Lithuanian, yet she does not translate nor teaches a thing. But you can not help it but to admire such persistence on a decision, even if it was upon you. "300 men died that day", "I really really like her", "I was joking, join me, baby". hazaisam "real men don't cry, they beat their tear duct to never cry again" Active in our chat room when not in your pants. ❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂ Aero Is Arrow: whats the xp farm? noellie23: muppet noellie23: you a **** hag or what bruv td5fab: u look like elmo cuz ur an us is red from ur uncle noellie23: how would you know?"She is a rose, beautiful to look at, yet so painful to touch"-William The Best1 With a little push, these guys can make it to the regulars. He's the one to be with in the sad days, got jokes and puns to leave you dying. King Jmoney One of the few who enjoy noellie's company (what the hell is wrong with him? William The Best1: Basically, players gather closely in the game play so they earn more damage and thus XP. noellie23: what are you doing looking at my anus noellie23: you perv td5fab: wel its so wide u can see it from spac noellie23: i see youre an expert in anusses noellie23: seen a fair few up close in your time have you noellie23: in them old boys school ennit td5fab: yes i am u must be a expert in di cks noellie23: no sorry i dont do dicks td5fab: well ur obviously not a expect in english then td5fab: expert* td5fab: hey noel noellie23: you`re* td5fab: hey noel noellie23: what fam td5fab: **** you noellie23: you wish mate td5fab: i would throw a boomerang at ur face if i saw u noellie23: arent you a lil rebel td5fab: yes always smells like a harbour around noellie William The Best1: You know how she smells? td5fab: no u can smell her from across the dam ocean noellie23: where is the dam ocean?

She is also a conspiracist, doubts the existence of everything, even herself. The secret lies in her annoying "howso" and in continuous and repetitive invalid arguments, pushing the other side to raise the white flag, cursing the moment that led to these horrible moments. Good but bad." -William The Best1 vyshniavy "notice me Aliaska senpai" -vyshniavy Sweet and friendly at first sight...In SSL2 chat room, we enjoy a variety of topics, even those you have never dreamed are there to talk about. ) The sound of silence does knock the door, but soon to be followed by what we liked silence more than. Don't cry when everything you say and believe in is mocked. Be prepared for your sanity to be doubted, and your gender or sexuality to be questioned. Have a major in one (or even both) of these sciences: Asshology or Retardology. You can say we're quite blessed for having him though, growing in front of our eyes into someone we know he'll hit the front page for a reason or another one day. Ayberch An adult who enjoys playing this game, proving that it suits all ages and genders. Annex B "That's hot" -Annex B Let's take advantage of this moment, since he is busy, probably in bed with one of his pans. It'll be like a free cable and all you got to do is grab your popcorn or even be in the middle of it (warning you though). Paradox We accept you as our succubus Anything not to ban us The beating heart of the chat room. "Regulars" does not mean those who are present 24/7, but those who own the room when present. All what comes to mind will result in this page deletion and my account blockade, so better not to tell. When he says something, the entire chat room goes quiet in silent amazement, either by his intelligence or by his obliviousness to his own extremely disturbing tendencies.Jokes aside, it is rare to come across a woman like noellie, and maybe behind her cold heart some warmth lies. The poison in some of her words in a fight is hidden by her multi-chinned emoticons. vegito6: lol MOONm00n: dundundun ❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂ swagger911: suck my d**k jagex55: after you good sir zburt18: when and where ❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂ MOONm00n: how to get a girlfriend MOONm00n: XD chastan7: You gotta pray to the sun god Ra.Our room lover, she has what they call "tank crushes", that she likes to pass on some time when going to bed thinking of them, it helps her to sleep. His pm fails will never end, leaving us quite shocked and amazed. We've made a discord server for our fellow gamers not to lose contact with them and to hold tournaments. Server Mods: ajaxdekampioen,derp4life, Destan, jessizzlingjess and William The Best1 Polish Yolo Sweg: school wifi no good William The Best1: A typical school day in Poland ends at about 2.45 Pm. chastan7: After that im not sure chastan7: The instructions weren't clear. noellie23 vs td5fab: td5fab: ur not liked around he u ****ing grassy noel go snipe ur self like JFC an leave her the **** alone u peasant William The Best1: Chill.

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Usually, nice and polite, unless you're an asshole or when he's so close to prestige and starts inviting forcefully "12345, EVERYONE IS ****ING WELCOME!

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