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«f North C«Tolin« Journal of MEDICINE c T SURGERY CHARLOTTE, N.

That such a system could not be perfect from its inception and that changes and revisions would be necessary was realized in advance by all who devoted any thought to the problem.

In the administration of the compensation law, it must be realized that a compensation law must, of necessity, be a compromise by the employers and employees in which each group has waived certain common law rights, and that the prime pur- pose of the law is to provide a degree of certainty and security: likewise, the doctors and hospitals have been afforded some degree of certainty and security as to obtaining compensation for services rendered patients who come under the compensa- tion law.

Allowances for hospital and doctors' fee-, are paid promptly, greatly to the relief of the harassed secretary who looks after the collections, or to the doctor who has to look after his own col- lections. Of these cases, only 952 went to a hearing before one of the commis- sioners.

Natur- ally it would be only right that there should be som° supervis'on of the benefits derived bv doctors and hospitals bv' reason of this leeislation. I have learned that manv do not know that comoensation is pur- chased at a price which represents a certain per- centage of the emolover's oavroll and not so much per year per man.

To illustrate, if in the same industrial classification there are two men working in the same establishment, one making a week and the other making S30 a w°ek.

Further, one not satisfied with the findings of the Full Commis- sion may appeal to the Superior Court for the county in which the accident occurred, and from this court either side may appeal to the Supreme Court of the State.

Certainly those involved in any compensation case have ample opportunity to be heard in court.

A committee representing the State Medical Society has met with the Indus'rial Commission and a revised fee schedule has tee-i prepared, one which in many hundreds of cases has been found \-erv satisfactory.At times there have been complaints about the reduction of bills for care of compensation cases.This has often been due to the fact that the fee schedule was not consulted before making out the statement, or to some other lack of familiarity with the intent and provisions of the Act.Usually a single commissioner hears the evidence and makes the award.However, if either of the parties at interest appeal within seven days from the award of a single commissioner, a hearing before the en- tire Commission will be arranged.

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