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Station launcher updating

NPCs can purchase from your rented vending machine so its wise to keep it well stocked and not mark up the items too high.

If you buy your own vending machine its wise to put it in your land claim area as other players with effort can destroy them and steal your goods.

The Quest is received when completing the Basics of Survival quest chain.

Vending Machines There are three types of vending machines: beverage vending machines found at stores, rentable trader protected vending machines found at Trader Settlements, and player owned vending machines which can only be acquired through a Traders Secret Stash.

Blood Moon Horde Party System We have added a partying system that groups players together into parties of one or more players within a minimum distance.

These parties will now each get their own blood moon horde.

Terrain generation is now in rwgmixer.xml: This allows for modification of the terrain Biome generation is now also in : This allows for modification of biomes Hubcell data is generated and saved in the games save dir: This allows backward compatibility and prevents RWG from regenerating the hub each time its called when not cached.

Rwgmixer is saved to the games save dir: This ensures the same terrain generation and biome generation and prefab regardless of edits to the main file.

When they open they unlock their gate and turn on their open sign.All new locations spawn except for the football stadium, canyon gift shop and canyon cliff dwellings.We added a Random Gen Wolrd Previewer tool see the modding section below for more details.Traders sell wrench and claw hammer schematics You can place a block inside a corn plant, overwriting it You can plant a crop seed on top of the one you just planted, wasting it Beer sign is missing economic value Known Issues Known issue: UMA zombies are missing the Head Gore bone, this needs to be added to correctly show the flesh cap on the neck when the head is removed Some rare duping methods still exist Navezgane world updates New Distant Terrain feature renders terrain over 1 kilometer away.Almost 2 square kilometers of new explorable space has been unlocked New highly embellished height map with huge mountains in every biome New giant desert canyon Over 23 new locations have been added to Game most in both Navezgane and Random Gen5 new unique Trader Settlements Grand Ostrich Hotel2 new roadside hotels Football stadium (Navezgane Only)Auto Parts Store New hidden bomb shelter Oil refinery Funeral Home Prison Red Mesa Government Installation Indian Cliff Dwellings (Navezgane Only)Canyon gift shop and scenic overlook (Navezgane Only)Buzzs Bar Strip CLub Rock and Roll Club Skate Park Canyon Gold Mine (Navezgane Only)New Trailer Park Random Gen Worlds 3.0Weve greatly improved random gen with many improvements and additions including: New RG Distant Terrain New road system that uses pathfinding for smoother transitions in height in all areas besides the hub entries.

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Added: Steam trading card support and content Added: Steam badge support and content Added: Steam profile background support and content Added: Steam emoticon support and content Added: Logging of lost package count on UNETAdded RSS output to the Time: log entries on Win/Linux Added: Wrote selected language to log Added harvest event to wood spikes Changes Improved output of console command repairchunkdensity Zombie limb dismemberment rebalanced Player need more XP to reach the higher levels Set Camera clipping near plane back to 0.1 (was 0.15) to avoid cheating by clipping camera through walls.

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