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He had a master’s degree in child development, and was also a medical doctor.[2] His work was respected by other researchers who don’t march to the drumbeat of the pharmaceutical companies. Moulden was a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, and their Quackwatch family of 21 related websites treated him as an enemy. Moulden resigned from his medical practice in 2007 to travel throughout North America delivering the message that every dose of any and all vaccine types causes harm to those who receive it.There are a few transcripts of interviews given by Dr.Moulden and three chapters from an unfinished book [8] that are still available on the internet.We appreciate the great work and research of Jeff Rense, Dr.

Dr Moulden died unexpectedly in November of 2013 at age 49.When I evaluate the credibility of people who are unknown to me, I begin by seeking answers to a few basic questions.For example: Is this person offering opinion, or can he or she back up the claims with valid science? Are there other physicians and scientists who support his or her beliefs and recommendations?The images of vascular and brain physiology are very instructive as are the numerous photos of children, Gulf War veterans, and other adults who display visible signs of vaccine damage. Moulden in his own words give evidence to the mechanisms that cause vaccine damage in “Tolerance Lost.” See the evidence of vaccine damage in the faces of children.I have also used various other resources for preparing this summary.

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2) I am not allowed, whatsoever, to speak or present my research or views on vaccine safety, in public, at all, as a condition of being allowed to return to clinical medicine, receiving a medical license, and for maintaining that license. Moulden retreated from public view, a group of professional character assassins went to work to destroy his reputation in any way possible. He was part of a research team that became aware of biological warfare testing that was done on prisoners in Texas.

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