Tony from skins dating site

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Tony from skins dating site

ITV’s hit drama series, Downton Abbey, for all its ­glamorous setting and closely observed Edwardian authenticity, can only scratch the surface.It would take a cast of hundreds to match the reality.More fires to lay and top up, beds to make, rooms to be kept spotless, always keeping one step ahead of the family’s unspoken needs, always, if possible, out of sight, so that they could glide from one perfect setting to another with not a moment’s thought, as if the rooms tidied themselves.It might be close to midnight before the butler signalled that the family — their every whim met from morning to night — had retired, and so could she and the rest of the exhausted household. It is hard for us in these democratic days of the 21st century fully to grasp the sheer size of the aristocratic fiefdoms that dotted the ­landscape (Capability Brown, ­naturally! The stately homes we stroll round as tourists are inevitably museums that lack the lifeblood of teeming inhabitants.For many decades it was the bible on how the well-ordered country house — the real ­Downton Abbeys — should run. then moved on to the ­dining room to repeat the process.Run was the operative word for the housemaid as she scuttled down the backstairs — the grand main staircase was strictly out of bounds — opened the shutters in the family sitting rooms, raked out and re-laid the fires, blacked and polished the fireplaces, tidied up the mess casually made the night before by her so-called betters, spread the carpets with damp tea leaves to remove the dust, swept up the tea leaves . Then it was back up the stairs to milord and milady’s dressing rooms.Używamy plików cookie, aby pomóc w personalizacji treści, dostosowywać i analizować reklamy oraz zapewnić bezpieczne korzystanie z serwisu.

And since the cardinal offence to upper-class noses was the intrusion of cooking smells, the kitchen tended to be sited far away from the formal dining rooms, resulting in laborious long-distance fetching and carrying (as well as less-than-piping food).At around the same time, the staff register at Longleat listed — take a deep breath — a steward, under-butler, groom of the chambers, valet, three footmen, pantry boy, hall boy, steel boy (who polished the silver), housekeeper, two lady’s maids, eight housemaids, two sewing maids, six laundry maids, cook, two kitchen maids, vegetable maid, scullery maid, dairy maid, grooms, chauffeurs and a ‘tiger’, a small boy in ­livery who rode on the coach.Since the then Marquis of Bath — much like the fearsome Dowager played magnificently by Maggie Smith in Downton — refused to install electricity on grounds of taste, there was also a lamp boy, whose endless task, a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, was to clean, trim and refill Longleat’s 400 oil lamps (plus the 140 candles in the private chapel).­Welbeck’s annual Servants’ Ball was so huge and so grand that an orchestra and 50 waiters had to be brought in from London.Highclere Castle — where Downton was filmed — boasted 25 maids, 14 footmen and three chefs in 1912.

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Empty the slops from the chamber pots, light the fires, clean and dust, all the time tiptoeing so as not to disturb the still soundly sleeping master and mistress and their privileged offspring.

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